Let’s Go NCAA Free Agent Shopping: 2023

The Boston Bruins have been very active in the last two NHL trade deadlines and they’ve surrendered 10 draft picks in the next three drafts beginning with the 2023 Entry Draft. One sure fire way to replenish those players they will miss out on at the draft is through NCAA free agent signings. The BruinsContinue reading “Let’s Go NCAA Free Agent Shopping: 2023”

500K for D-K

The Boston Bruins enter the weekend with a home-and-home series against the Detroit Red Wings with playoff clinching scenarios at their finger tips. As of today, there are only four non-playoff teams that could catch the Bruins. And they would have to win all their remaining games while the Bruins lose theirs to do so.Continue reading “500K for D-K”

Let’s Go CHL Free Agent Shopping: 2023

The National Hockey League trade deadline has come and gone for another year and you know by now how active the Boston Bruins have been in their “all in season”. The Bruins have mortgaged a lot of their future by trading away 10 draft picks in the next three seasons. But there is a wayContinue reading “Let’s Go CHL Free Agent Shopping: 2023”

Bruins Acquire Hathaway and Orlov

The Boston Bruins have acquired Garnet Hathaway and Dmitry Orlov of the Washington Capitals in exchange for Craig Smith, Boston’s first round pick in 2023, third round pick in 2024 and second round pick in 2025. They also received the rights to former Minnesota Wild prospect Andrei Svetlakov. I’ll have more on Svetlakov in myContinue reading “Bruins Acquire Hathaway and Orlov”

Bruins return Lauko to Providence; Set to Activate DeBrusk

On Friday, the Boston Bruins announced that Jakub Lauko has been returned to the Providence Bruins setting the stage to activate Jake DeBrusk from Long Term Injury Reserve. Some may view the return of DeBrusk as a trade deadline acquisition with the March 3 deadline about 2 weeks away. The Bruins haven’t been as successfulContinue reading “Bruins return Lauko to Providence; Set to Activate DeBrusk”

Boston Bruins Monday Morning Prospect Update Week Ending: January 15, 2023

It’s been said that the Boston Bruins have the best goaltending tandem in the National Hockey League. You will not get much of an argument from me there. It’s also been said that the Bruins prospect pool is one of the most lacking in high end talent. Again, you won’t get much of an argumentContinue reading “Boston Bruins Monday Morning Prospect Update Week Ending: January 15, 2023”

Bruins Ink Pavel Zacha to a 4 Year $19 Million Deal

Following the Bruins 4-3 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs at TD Garden Saturday night, the team announced they have signed Pavel Zacha to a 4-year, $19 million deal that carries an average annual value of $4.75 million. There was a lot of angst on social media as fans are worried this deal somehow affectsContinue reading “Bruins Ink Pavel Zacha to a 4 Year $19 Million Deal”

Boston Bruins Mid Season Awards

Your Boston Bruins have reached the halfway point of their season and it’s been a half season for the record books. I don’t think anyone expected this but if they did, I’d like to shake their hand. Game 41 was their first regulation loss at home on the season and it’s one players and fansContinue reading “Boston Bruins Mid Season Awards”

They Said the Bruins Start Was Not Sustainable

Allow me to back track a bit because the title is not entirely fitting. It has more to do with some (a lot) of the negativity towards the Bruins 16-2-0 start and the next 18 games. So, let’s head back to the beginning. We all know the story, or we should by now. It wasContinue reading “They Said the Bruins Start Was Not Sustainable”

Will the Real Pavel Zacha Please Stand Up

I for one was excited when the Boston Bruins traded Eric Haula for Pavel Zacha. Many Bruins fans however were not and it’s probably because they listened to too many New Jersey Devils fans on hockey message boards about the type of player Zacha was for them. In fairness to those Devils fans though, IContinue reading “Will the Real Pavel Zacha Please Stand Up”