Wednesday Mailbag December 7, 2022

Well, the Boston Bruins are healthy. They have their cap under control, for now. They are the best team in the NHL. And their winning streak at TD Garden came to an end at 14 games – a new National Hockey League record. Still, plenty of things on fans minds so let take a crackContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag December 7, 2022”

Wednesday Mailbag November 30, 2022

The Bruins are getting healthy, they keep on winning game. Not many questions as the Bruins are now healthy and everyone wants to discuss that. But here we go…. Trish via email asks: Hi Dom, hope you’re doing well after last week’s health scare. I love your blog, but I really miss the Amigo’s Podcast.Continue reading “Wednesday Mailbag November 30, 2022”

Wednesday Mailbag November 23, 2022

These mailbags are always so much fun. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I enjoy sharing my opinion. @bruinscoverage via Twitter asks: Despite this Bruins team looking really good, would you say that there needs to be a trade or two to help strengthen it? Especially since we need to be atContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag November 23, 2022”

The Road to the NHL Takes Many Turns

Last week for my Wednesday Mailbag, the following question was raised: To give that the answer it deserves, it couldn’t come in the form of a paragraph in a question-and-answer format that is my Wednesday Mailbag. Instead, I informed Mike, I would give it the answer it deserves here. And here we are. The pathContinue reading “The Road to the NHL Takes Many Turns”

Wednesday Mailbag November 16, 2022

So many questions this week and plenty of duplicates. I hope I didn’t leave any out. Let’s get right to them: @dangermike via Twitter asks: Hey Dom- on one of your upcoming Monday prospect rundowns can you talk a little bit about typical journeys for these players? Using Brett Harrison for example- if he showsContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag November 16, 2022”

Wednesday Mailbag November 2, 2022

@mike77ca via Twitter asks: Hey Dom… regarding trades when a team trades a player for future considerations, does the team ever get anything back? I see a lot trades with futures involved… Answer: Years ago, it used to be that someone would eventually be moved as the future considerations. However, in the salary cap era,Continue reading “Wednesday Mailbag November 2, 2022”

Wednesday Mailbag: October 26, 2022

I’m back with another addition of the Wednesday Mailbag. As long as you keep questions coming, I will keep on doing this. If you have a question or just want to rant, just @ me on Twitter or send an email to Let’s get to it! @_jcro via Twitter asks: Dom, what are yourContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag: October 26, 2022”

Wednesday Mailbag October 19, 2022

We are back for another season of hockey and that means another season of the Wednesday Mailbag. You can ask a question, make a comment, or just rant if you wish. It’s totally up to you. You can mention me on Twitter to get heard or you can email me at We have aContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag October 19, 2022”

When is a Mailbag Not a Mailbag?

Well, when someone emails you a question and you feel it’s deserving of its own (lengthy) reply. Kiki D sent me this question for my next mailbag: Hi Dom,  I’m sure that these are your least favorite type of questions to answer, but it’s incredibly useful to get a genuine scout’s perspective on the front officeContinue reading “When is a Mailbag Not a Mailbag?”

Wednesday Mailbag March 16, 2022

Mind Within via Twitter asks: Question – Great read Dom, can you explain the rankings ie you had him ranked 31st in the OHL which would be a 6th round pick. I know your referencing the other leagues but how do they slot? Answer – This is the article I wrote referenced in the question.Continue reading “Wednesday Mailbag March 16, 2022”