Boston Bruins Monday Morning Prospect Update Week Ending: January 15, 2023

It’s been said that the Boston Bruins have the best goaltending tandem in the National Hockey League. You will not get much of an argument from me there. It’s also been said that the Bruins prospect pool is one of the most lacking in high end talent. Again, you won’t get much of an argumentContinue reading “Boston Bruins Monday Morning Prospect Update Week Ending: January 15, 2023”

Boston Bruins Mid Season Awards

Your Boston Bruins have reached the halfway point of their season and it’s been a half season for the record books. I don’t think anyone expected this but if they did, I’d like to shake their hand. Game 41 was their first regulation loss at home on the season and it’s one players and fansContinue reading “Boston Bruins Mid Season Awards”

They Said the Bruins Start Was Not Sustainable

Allow me to back track a bit because the title is not entirely fitting. It has more to do with some (a lot) of the negativity towards the Bruins 16-2-0 start and the next 18 games. So, let’s head back to the beginning. We all know the story, or we should by now. It wasContinue reading “They Said the Bruins Start Was Not Sustainable”

Boston Bruins Monday Morning Prospect Update Week Ending: December 4, 2022

The Boston Bruins have Linus Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman at the NHL level. Keith Kinkaid was signed as their number three goaltender and that may just be for this season unless management feels it necessary to bring a veteran once again. Then there is Kyle Keyser and Brandon Bussi developing in minor professional leagues, notContinue reading “Boston Bruins Monday Morning Prospect Update Week Ending: December 4, 2022”

Wednesday Mailbag November 23, 2022

These mailbags are always so much fun. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I enjoy sharing my opinion. @bruinscoverage via Twitter asks: Despite this Bruins team looking really good, would you say that there needs to be a trade or two to help strengthen it? Especially since we need to be atContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag November 23, 2022”

Boston’s Darlings

The Boston Bruins are off to a 16-2-0 start, 11-0-0 at home – the only unblemished team at home remaining and ties an NHL record, have yet to lose after scoring the opening goal of the game (12-0-0), are the second (only?) team in NHL history to win 16 of their first 18 games (1929-30Continue reading “Boston’s Darlings”

The Road to the NHL Takes Many Turns

Last week for my Wednesday Mailbag, the following question was raised: To give that the answer it deserves, it couldn’t come in the form of a paragraph in a question-and-answer format that is my Wednesday Mailbag. Instead, I informed Mike, I would give it the answer it deserves here. And here we are. The pathContinue reading “The Road to the NHL Takes Many Turns”

A Look at the Bruins Depth Charts: Goaltending

The draft is over. The bulk of free agency is over. The Bruins made a trade, signed some unrestricted free agents and also walked away from some players. So, what does the Bruins depth look like now? Today, we begin a series exploring all the positions beginning with the goaltenders. In the next couple ofContinue reading “A Look at the Bruins Depth Charts: Goaltending”

Bruins Fail to Clinch Playoff Spot Against the Sens

Entering Thursday night’s action, the Boston Bruins needed any combination of a win to go along with any type of an Islanders loss of one point to clinch a playoff spot for a sixth consecutive season. Well, the Bruins got some help from their next opponent in the Pittsburgh Penguins as they doubled up theContinue reading “Bruins Fail to Clinch Playoff Spot Against the Sens”

Wednesday Mailbag March 16, 2022

Mind Within via Twitter asks: Question – Great read Dom, can you explain the rankings ie you had him ranked 31st in the OHL which would be a 6th round pick. I know your referencing the other leagues but how do they slot? Answer – This is the article I wrote referenced in the question.Continue reading “Wednesday Mailbag March 16, 2022”