Wednesday Mailbag November 16, 2022

So many questions this week and plenty of duplicates. I hope I didn’t leave any out. Let’s get right to them: @dangermike via Twitter asks: Hey Dom- on one of your upcoming Monday prospect rundowns can you talk a little bit about typical journeys for these players? Using Brett Harrison for example- if he showsContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag November 16, 2022”

Could Claude Giroux Wear the Spoked B?

Flashback February 24, 2008: After being approached by then Toronto Maple Leaf General Manager Cliff Fletcher about waiving his no trade clause, Leafs star Mats Sundin decided not to waive “after careful deliberation.” Fourteen years later, Cliff’s son Chuck Fletcher – the General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers – is in the same boat, sortContinue reading “Could Claude Giroux Wear the Spoked B?”

Wednesday Mailbag: January 26, 2022

Just a small mailbag this week! As always, if you want to get questions in early for next week’s mailbag, you can always email your questions to Phil via email asks: Question – On Friday, you tweeted a video from Oshawa’s game. You said “No goals. Just this. Trying to keep it real.” I’mContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag: January 26, 2022”


So, this weekly mailbag is gaining in popularity. IF you ever want to send in a question, feel free to do so at any time. You can do so by emailing me at and I will answer your questions every Wednesday. Mike via email asks *Mike had a beautifully written, well thought letter withContinue reading “WEDNESDAY’S MAILBAG: DECEMBER 15 2021”


I thought I would try this out and see where it takes us. If the questions keep coming regularly and there is interest, I will continue on with this. You can ask questions about the Bruins, their prospects, the cap, anything Bruins related. Twitter lovers can hit me up with questions there, if you areContinue reading “WEDNESDAY MAILBAG: NOVEMBER 3, 2021”