They’re Back!

Boston Bruins fans have been nervous for weeks at the lack of news regarding Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci and Pavel Zacha. Some you could say were even angry, calling for owner Jeremy Jacobs to sell the team or fire President Cam Neely and General Manager Don Sweeney. On podcasts and social media, I stressed patienceContinue reading “They’re Back!”

When is a Mailbag Not a Mailbag?

Well, when someone emails you a question and you feel it’s deserving of its own (lengthy) reply. Kiki D sent me this question for my next mailbag: Hi Dom,  I’m sure that these are your least favorite type of questions to answer, but it’s incredibly useful to get a genuine scout’s perspective on the front officeContinue reading “When is a Mailbag Not a Mailbag?”

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

No, I am not an NHL General Manager, but hey, neither are you although I suspect there is one person in upper management that is reading this. So, what to do with the Boston Bruins? I have no idea but it does appear the internet is filled with armchair owners who know exactly what toContinue reading “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”

Wednesday Mailbag: February 9, 2022

Eugene Mannarino via Twitter has two questions: Question 1: Dom do you think the bruins will trade Lysell Question 2: Dom as we get closer to the deadline do you think the bruins will trade their First. Answer: If you don’t mind Eugene, I will answer this in one answer, but man you have aContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag: February 9, 2022”


So, this weekly mailbag is gaining in popularity. IF you ever want to send in a question, feel free to do so at any time. You can do so by emailing me at and I will answer your questions every Wednesday. Mike via email asks *Mike had a beautifully written, well thought letter withContinue reading “WEDNESDAY’S MAILBAG: DECEMBER 15 2021”


Colin Stead via Twitter asks Question – Do you think signing Ullmark to a hefty contract was a good idea if they bring Tuukka back for the stretch run? Answer – Yes, I do. I know that almost everyone reading here is sitting at home on their sofa reading and thinking the exact opposite. ButContinue reading “WEDNESDAYS MAILBAG DECEMBER 8”


It’s a small mailbag this week because there were multiple questions about the Brad Marchand suspension and even more regarding the Jake DeBrusk trade request. I’ll start with the Marchand suspension. I really have nothing to add. Was it suspension worthy? Yes, in my opinion it was. Were three games too many? I don’t know.Continue reading “WEDNESDAY MAILBAG DECEMBER 1, 2021”