What Has Been Don Sweeney’s Best Draft?

When Don Sweeney took over as General Manager of the Boston Bruins on May 2015, he inherited a prospect pool that was lacking in depth and quality. It wasn’t just the on-ice product that was lacking. The scouting department needed a makeover as well. He moved forward with a plan to rectify both and itContinue reading “What Has Been Don Sweeney’s Best Draft?”

When is a Mailbag Not a Mailbag?

Well, when someone emails you a question and you feel it’s deserving of its own (lengthy) reply. Kiki D sent me this question for my next mailbag: Hi Dom,  I’m sure that these are your least favorite type of questions to answer, but it’s incredibly useful to get a genuine scout’s perspective on the front officeContinue reading “When is a Mailbag Not a Mailbag?”

Time for the Bruins to Rethink Their Drafting Philosophy

I’m in the mood to rant. This isn’t about the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. This isn’t about any one specific draft. It’s a combination of ten successive draft years under General Managers Peter Chiarelli and now, Don Sweeney. For the most part, Europe wasn’t much of a consideration for Chiarelli and his staff. During theContinue reading “Time for the Bruins to Rethink Their Drafting Philosophy”