Boston Bruins Monday Morning Prospect Update Week Ending: December 11, 2022

I am going to start this week off by going in a different direction. Some of you have probably heard me discuss this in the past. Some of you may take this as a rant of sorts and maybe it is because like you, I love my Boston Bruins. I truly believe that our belovedContinue reading “Boston Bruins Monday Morning Prospect Update Week Ending: December 11, 2022”

When is a Mailbag Not a Mailbag?

Well, when someone emails you a question and you feel it’s deserving of its own (lengthy) reply. Kiki D sent me this question for my next mailbag: Hi Dom,  I’m sure that these are your least favorite type of questions to answer, but it’s incredibly useful to get a genuine scout’s perspective on the front officeContinue reading “When is a Mailbag Not a Mailbag?”

Wednesday Mailbag: February 9, 2022

Eugene Mannarino via Twitter has two questions: Question 1: Dom do you think the bruins will trade Lysell Question 2: Dom as we get closer to the deadline do you think the bruins will trade their First. Answer: If you don’t mind Eugene, I will answer this in one answer, but man you have aContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag: February 9, 2022”


We’re back after the holidays for a Wednesday Boston Bruins Mailbag. As always, you can send in your questions at any time to or wait until I post it on Twitter and you can reply there. So, let’s get right down to the questions this week! *Note: These questions were all answered before theContinue reading “WEDNESDAY MAILBAG: JANUARY 12, 2022”