A Busy Several Weeks Approaching the Boston Bruins

If you are reading this, then you are probably one of many that had hoped the Boston Bruins would still be playing right now. Instead, what we have to look forward to is a very busy offseason for General Manager Don Sweeney and his staff as they try to work their way through what willContinue reading “A Busy Several Weeks Approaching the Boston Bruins”

Boston Bruins Mid Season Awards

Your Boston Bruins have reached the halfway point of their season and it’s been a half season for the record books. I don’t think anyone expected this but if they did, I’d like to shake their hand. Game 41 was their first regulation loss at home on the season and it’s one players and fansContinue reading “Boston Bruins Mid Season Awards”

The Resurgence of Brandon Carlo Will Only Pay Dividends

One could make the argument that over the last few games, Brandon Carlo has been the Bruins steadiest and most consistent blueliner and it wouldn’t be off base. We’re watching Carlo be more assertive offensively by jumping into the play more often, recognizing when to be the late man coming into the play, making someContinue reading “The Resurgence of Brandon Carlo Will Only Pay Dividends”

Wednesday Mailbag October 19, 2022

We are back for another season of hockey and that means another season of the Wednesday Mailbag. You can ask a question, make a comment, or just rant if you wish. It’s totally up to you. You can mention me on Twitter to get heard or you can email me at ohlwriters@gmail.com. We have aContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag October 19, 2022”

Bruins Opening Night Roster Moves: Foligno, Wagner, Reilly Waived

Sunday was the last opportunity for the Boston Bruins to place any players on waivers in hopes of having them clear and sent to the Providence Bruins of the American Hockey League in order to submit their cap compliant, 23-man roster to the National Hockey League by the 5:00 pm Eastern Time deadline on Monday.Continue reading “Bruins Opening Night Roster Moves: Foligno, Wagner, Reilly Waived”

Bruins Hire John Gruden as Assistant Coach

With Bruce Cassidy gone as head coach, Kevin Dean as an Assistant Coach moving on and Kim Brandvold as Skills and Skating Coach moving on as an Assistant, and Joe Sacco reportedly interviewing for the Head Coaching position with the San Jose Sharks, there were bound to be some new faces joining the Organization. JimContinue reading “Bruins Hire John Gruden as Assistant Coach”

The Offseason Work Begins Now for the Boston Bruins

It’s one busy time of the offseason for the Boston Bruins. General Manager Don Sweeney has been extended. After an extensive and lengthy search for a new head coach, Sweeney settled on Jim Montgomery. The sense is that Captain Patrice Bergeron is set to put pen to paper on a bonus laden deal that willContinue reading “The Offseason Work Begins Now for the Boston Bruins”