The Resurgence of Brandon Carlo Will Only Pay Dividends

One could make the argument that over the last few games, Brandon Carlo has been the Bruins steadiest and most consistent blueliner and it wouldn’t be off base. We’re watching Carlo be more assertive offensively by jumping into the play more often, recognizing when to be the late man coming into the play, making someContinue reading “The Resurgence of Brandon Carlo Will Only Pay Dividends”

Wednesday Mailbag November 23, 2022

These mailbags are always so much fun. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I enjoy sharing my opinion. @bruinscoverage via Twitter asks: Despite this Bruins team looking really good, would you say that there needs to be a trade or two to help strengthen it? Especially since we need to be atContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag November 23, 2022”

Wednesday Mailbag November 16, 2022

So many questions this week and plenty of duplicates. I hope I didn’t leave any out. Let’s get right to them: @dangermike via Twitter asks: Hey Dom- on one of your upcoming Monday prospect rundowns can you talk a little bit about typical journeys for these players? Using Brett Harrison for example- if he showsContinue reading “Wednesday Mailbag November 16, 2022”

Bruins Hire John Gruden as Assistant Coach

With Bruce Cassidy gone as head coach, Kevin Dean as an Assistant Coach moving on and Kim Brandvold as Skills and Skating Coach moving on as an Assistant, and Joe Sacco reportedly interviewing for the Head Coaching position with the San Jose Sharks, there were bound to be some new faces joining the Organization. JimContinue reading “Bruins Hire John Gruden as Assistant Coach”