Wednesday Mailbag November 30, 2022

The Bruins are getting healthy, they keep on winning game. Not many questions as the Bruins are now healthy and everyone wants to discuss that. But here we go….

Trish via email asks:

Hi Dom, hope you’re doing well after last week’s health scare. I love your blog, but I really miss the Amigo’s Podcast. With the Bruins having such a great season, is there any chance you guys can get back together for a show or two?


Thanks for the kind words, Trish, and yes, I am doing well. I don’t think there is much chance the Amigos will ride again for a show. Kirk is very busy with his responsibilities leading Green Bay Gamblers of the USHL. Reed is very busy still doing the play-by-play, among other things, for the Hamilton Bulldogs of the OHL. Anthony is fully credentialed by the Providence Bruins, and you can find him at the Amica Arena covering the B’s. You can find his work here.

So, it’s hard to get 4 people living in different cities all on different schedules together at one time, especially with their work. I just don’t see how it’s possible during the hockey season. Sorry Trish.

@FlyingOrr via Twitter asks:

Critics of the Bruins are claiming they’re “peaking too early”. Can you tell me why you disagree with them? Or if you believe them, why it’s true?


Honestly, I don’t believe in peaking in sports. In the Bruins situation right now, they need to keep on working at different areas of their game because there is room for improvement. If they improve those areas, great. If they don’t and actually slip, then I suggest they were never as good as their record suggested. I certainly don’t think it’s because they peaked.

@SlickM32 via Twitter asks:

When can I start worrying about lack of extension for Pasta?


Awesome question. I can’t tell you or anyone else when to worry and when not to worry. However, I can tell you when I will begin to worry. That is July 1, 2023, or when David Pastrnak comes out and says he won’t be signing an extension with the Bruins.

But that’s just me. I don’t usually worry about things I cannot control and will usually let them play out as they will. But if he does come out and say he won’t sign an extension, I will watch closely to see how the Bruins handle the situation.

Mike77ca via Twitter asks:

Hey Dom hope all is well…scouting and draft question ..always wonder do scouts and teams more or less look at scouting and drafting by best players available or positional needs for the team..


I think early in the draft they look at best player available. At least they should be. When you get later into the draft you can start looking positionally. And thank you, I am feeling great.

@ThornsFan73 via Twitter asks:

During the draft, I was focused on David Goyette and Danny Zhilkin at the time of our pick. How does Poitras compare against those two players? Why do you believe he was selected over them from a fit perspective?


I have made no secret about it: When I did my final OHL draft rankings, I had both Goyette and Zhilkin ahead of Matthew Poitras. However, I add the following: I’m not always right and it should never be taken as gospel even though I’ve hit on some others have missed. That’s the beauty of the draft. I also add in the fact that going into last season, Poitras was ranked as a potential first rounder in many circles.

Now, I can’t speak for the Bruins, but maybe they saw something that made them believe the potential was still there. Maybe they believed a lost season od development because of the pandemic had an effect. I don’t know. But I will also add something I have never done in the past: If I was doing a re-ranking right now based on this season, I would certainly have Poitras ahead of Goyette and neck-and-neck with Zhilkin.

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