Wednesday Mailbag November 2, 2022

@mike77ca via Twitter asks:

Hey Dom… regarding trades when a team trades a player for future considerations, does the team ever get anything back? I see a lot trades with futures involved…


Years ago, it used to be that someone would eventually be moved as the future considerations. However, in the salary cap era, I cannot think of a single “future consideration” that turned into anything at all. I think in the salary cap era it’s just a way of dumping salary since a trade has to have something going in both directions.

@slickM32 via Twitter asks:

Is it fair to say Ullmark is getting into an upper echelon goalie? His stats since last November have been elite.


Yes, it is very fair to say that. I hated the debates I needed to have on social media with people that insisted the Bruins didn’t need Linus Ullmark and they’d be better off spending the cap on other areas. The fact of the matter is that these days you need 2 capable NHL goaltenders and believe it or not, teams are moving towards 3 goaltenders – Keith Kincaid here. Look now at those teams that need one goalie and tell me Ullmark wouldn’t solve their problems – and create a new one for the Bruins.

Eugene M via email asks:

Dom whom will the Bruins move for Charlie Return? Also, the Bruins are deep with Goalies think one might be included in a trade?


I know it’s not necessary to read anything I write about. In this particular case, you might want to go back and read here. In that article, I wrote about the different scenarios facing the Bruins that might affect exactly who they want to move out. Without knowing what route, they are going to take, I still took a stab at it. As for their depth in net and whether they would move one: They aren’t moving Jeremy Swayman or Linus Ullmark and probably not Keith Kincaid either. The Bruins focus is on one thing right now, clearing cap space to activate McAvoy. Moving anyone not on the NHL roster is not going to accomplish that. So, as a throw in? Maybe. But who is currently looking for an AHL goalie? Those looking are in need of an NHL goalie.

Ali via email asks:

You seem to not be a big fan of Bruins media. Is there anyone’s work I should follow more then anyone else?


Well Aly, that’s not true. I am a fan of Bruins media and that goes for both Boston and Providence. I have a rapport with most of them that you don’t get to see on social media. I have the utmost respect for them and really appreciate the work they do. And I recommend you follow them all. They all bring something unique to the table and sometimes multiple opinions are better than one.

I will tell you honestly what I do have a problem with when it comes to media: Those that make it a choice to remind you that they are “credentialed media” whether in their profile or on social media, but never attend a game or have never reported on a single thing Bruins related except on social media. That’s not media and if they are credentialed, the Bruins should be taking that away.

Craig via email asks:

Hi Dom, I wanted your thoughts on potential deadline day target for the Bruins. Provided the bruins can make the appropriate cap space by moving at least 2 of these 3 (Mike Reilly, Craig Smith, Trent Frederick) I think if healthy we should be looking at a right winger.


Well Craig, hard to predict that 5 months early when things could change very quickly. I think a lot depends on the health of the team and their position in the standings, and whether management believes the team is well positioned for a run and adding could put them over the top.

I do believe they will position themselves to have the cap flexibility to make moves. But who those targets might be is impossible to tell now. I mean, there really are no teams out of the playoff race right now and until teams start to drop out, it’s hard to know who might be on the block. This might be a great topic of conversation for February though!

That’s all there is for this week folks. Thanks for your questions. If you want to get a question in early for next week’s mailbag, you can email them anytime to

I do believe there will be some Bruins news by then!

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