NHL Awards Predictions as the 2022-2023 Season Begins

Charlie McAvoy of the Boston Bruins. Photo by nhl.com

Well, the 2022-2023 NHL season is 20 games into its 1312 games, and I thought I would give my bold predictions on the NHL Award Winners for this season. Along with my NHL prediction, I will give my prediction on the Boston Bruins player that will lead the Bruins in that award.

So here we go:


Connor McDavid – I mean you can’t go wrong selecting McDavid at any time here, but I feel he’s a player on a mission this season and the gap might be larger than one thinks.

Boston Bruins – David Pastrnak and this was an easy choice. Maybe if Brad Marchand wasn’t going to miss the first several weeks of the season we could have a debate, but….


Austin Matthews – I think last season Matthews immerged as the premier goal scorer in the NHL and there is nothing to suggest he is a one-and-done. I think the biggest question is can he score 60 again?

Boston Bruins – David Pastrnak. Unlike the Art Ross, even with Marchand in the lineup there would be no debate here.


Austin Matthews – I mean, we could debate this until June, but is McDavid more valuable to the Oilers with Leon Draisaitl there, or Nathan McKinnon more valuable to the Avs with Cale Makar there?

Boston Bruins – David Pastrnak is the choice here again especially if the Bruins are in contention while Marchand and Charlie McAvoy are out with injuries. Until then, the Bruins will go as far as Pastrnak can carry them.


Connor McDavid – I honestly believe Cale Makar will win the Lindsay award one day. But for this season, McDavid is still the best player in the game.

Boston Bruins – Bet you thought I was going to say Pastrnak didn’t you? Well, you are correct. From start to finish, he will be the Bruins best player.


Cale Makar – If an NHL defenceman comes out and has a better season than Makar had last season, I want to watch every minute of that player’s season. The scary part is, Makar will be even better this season.

Boston Bruins – Charlie McAvoy and he could miss half the season and still be the Bruins “Norris Winner”.


Marco Rossi I’ve loved this player all the way back to his OHL days. He’s had a rough go of it until now, but I am rooting for him.

Boston Bruins – well, the Bruins don’t have a rookie that would be in the running for the Calder but on the team, you pretty much have to go with Jakub Lauko if he sticks with the big club all season.


Patrice Bergeron – Yes, I have taken off my black- and gold-colored glasses. Like I said about McDavid earlier, Bergeron also appears to be a man on a mission this season and he will walk away with his sixth Selke Trophy.


Igor Shesterkin will win this back-to-back, and I believe he has taken over the title as best goaltender in the world.

Boston Bruins – Jeremy Swayman has arrived and while I believe Linus Ullmark will be right there with Swayman when the regular season ends, I believe Swayman will get the call in the playoffs. But it’s that close.

Published by Dominic Tiano

Following the Ontario Hockey League players eligible for the NHL Draft. I provide season-long stats, updates and player profiles as well as draft rankings.

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