Are the Bruins Shopping for Cap Space?

That’s the million-dollar question and the easy answer is, yes. And They have been since the offseason. They’ve known for sometime they’d be in this situation – coming into the new year, no cap space and the need to set yourself up for trade deadline day. And let’s not forget the massive bonus overage penalty they will be carrying into next season unless they can right the money ship even somewhat.

Before I get to the “rumor”, I need to rant – ever so quickly. Last season, before trade deadline, I posted the following Tweet on the bird app and the haters came out in flocks.

We know what happened.

Then last night, I posted the following Tweet on Twitter and even more haters came out of the woodwork. I’m not sure why, but I thought everyone was looking for information. Even the masses that post on message boards like HF Boards, they get angry if you don’t pass on information and when you do, they’d rather discuss Matt Grzelcyk being too short, or acquiring Tom Wilson, or acquiring Colton Parayko. Seriously, it’s all there.

Anyway, for the genuine fan that truly cares and wants to remain informed:

As I said, the Bruins have been looking to acquire cap space since the offseason and the name that has been readily available for the Bruins to get some cap relief is Craig Smith. I’ve been talking about that here and on podcasts for months and others have as well. But now we have an idea if anyone is knocking at the door where two weeks ago no one was biting and Smith was put on waivers.

A source told me last night the Anaheim Ducks – whom the Bruins have a history with – would be willing to take on Smith’s entire cap hit and salary along with a prospect for a late round draft pick or the dreaded future considerations (which means nothing).

That sounds like a deal the Bruins have to jump on right away, correct? Not so fast. It depends on the prospect involved, which I got no whisper about, but I’m not doing that deal if it involves a Fabian Lysell or Mason Lohrei or even some others.

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